07 November 2006

Acid Pebbles

My new favorite compilation album. Well, favorite long forgotten obscure mid 60's singles album. The 60's; the only decade I'd actually want to live in.. if I couldn't live in the 1920's Jazz Age (the girls then had cooler haircuts). The psychedelic facet of the time is totally neglected (currently, of course). I didn't realize that until I discovered the Pebbles Volumes. Hendrix was obviously awesome; Rubber Soul and Revolver were and are two exceptional albums, thanks to a mind-altered Beatles, but the other forgotten bands are almost just as cool.. well, maybe not as cool, but you know, nearly. I'm just disappointed that I can't find more info on the Pebbles' artists; like Jefferson Handkerchief and Adjeef The Poet. Any band who names their song 'Squafrech Lemon Comes Back' deserves more recognition. Even after a few good decades..

The Third Bardo, featured on Pebbles Vol:3
(4 Tracks in a .zip file)

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