09 November 2006


When I have a headache, I turn on Lightning Bolt; especially their newest Hypermagic Mountain. Usually, it makes my headache worse, but then after about 2 minutes in, my headache has dissipated.. odd. Maybe the noise in my head and Lightning Bolt's sound waves subconsciously counteract, and kind of cancel each other out. A two-piece drum and bass duo, from Rhode Island, have been composing distorted and bizarre technical brilliance for the past 7 years. The epiphany of a younger, smaller, louder, fuzzier, more experimental sonic youth, formed in art school. I think they’ve practically structured their own genre. Once you’re past the ringing ears, the concept they’ve created is sort of ingenious. The lyrics are barely audible, but awesome; Dead Cowboy is even political; involving George W. in an Afghan pit. They’re a difficult band to comprehend, really, unless you listen. Your ears will hurt. They’re disorganized. But I guarantee they won’t be boring.

Lightning Bolt's Space.



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