21 December 2006

And so, the tradition begins.

here we have our first official thursday night mix. I doubt we'll keep up with it. But then again, we might.. The anticipation kills you! I know. Even more of a reason to check back next week.

Mix #7


You're So Pretty - Brakes
Four Three - All India Radio
Bouncy Ball (Bloc Party Remix) - Ladyfuzz
Eat, Sleep - Prinzhorn Dance School
Fashion - The Lovemakers
Behind The Bushes - The Knife
Boxe - The Prototypes
Getting It Wrong - Sparklehorse
Severed Lips - Dinosaur Jr.
NY Excuse (Justice Remix) - Soulwax
Alfie - Lily Allen
New Light of Tomorrow - Husky Rescue
On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain - M83
Streamside - The Album Leaf & Sigur Rós
Dreamer - Supertramp
A Is for Action - Ima Robot
Junior - Poney Poney
Frantic (Roman Polanski Version) - Aqueduct

I figured I'd link some bands. Enjoy.
Or don't, and just delete the songs you don't want. the wonderment of .zip files!



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