09 December 2006

Beach House

This should’ve been Joey’s post..
What good can come from Maryland you ask, besides David Hasselhoff’s very manly physique? Well, besides the Hoff, there are plenty of other good things.. Camp David… the Orioles.. Beach House. No, not an actual ‘Beach House’, but the band called 'Beach House' that Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand make up. They aren’t just another common band with another arbitrary name, but something like a dim, lo-fi indie rock band that can easily blow Cat Power out of the water.. okay, not entirely, but maybe a few inches; it’s a tough call. Beach House combine languid with powerful, creating a certain depth that’s better heard than read about. The songs are delicate, they’re meaningful, and even if you can’t understand the lyrics through the profound haziness, Beach House just nearly create their own obscure-indie-atmosphere.. relating to good music almost as well as the Hoff relates to KITT in Knight Rider.

MP3: Auburn And Ivory
MP3: Apple Orchard

Get the album here.



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