16 December 2006

Blah Blah Blasé

Blasé is a word full of meaning. Blasé can be a term used for someone with a casual, nonchalant attitude. It can be used to determine someone’s lack of interest. It can be used to portray certain sophistication, or it can be the third word in a demiurgic punk band from the UK.

Blah Blah Blasé are an odd blend of unconcerned kids, who, according to their myspace, sound like sweet french girls and a naughty englishman.. finally! I’ve only been waiting for that combination. They are in no way “blah”. In fact, the electric youth group are pretty loud and unnerving for a band with the words that make up their title. If anything I’d say their title describe’s their attitude more so then their sound. Raucous accents, good beats, at least check them out. They even list willy wonka as an influence. Now, if that isn't seriousness, I don't know what is. Come on.. sweet French girls and a naughty Englishman? Doo it.

MP3: Misunderstood



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