12 December 2006

Crystal Castles

High on Skydancer Mountain, lies the Crystal Castle. Princess She Ra's solitary home for refuge. She goes here to seek one boy and one girl from Toronto. Wait, I have this mixed up.

Crystal Castles are one boy and one girl from Toronto. They are named after She Ra's home. (an obvious confusion) They make good music. The kind of music you don't need to switch from relentlessly and and use 'shuffle' for. That's a horrible setting anyway. Shuffle is for the lazy.

check Crystal Castles out here.
play Crystal Castles here.
check out Casanova here.
and his blog out here.

because he made this:
MP3: Air War (Casanova Remix) - Crystal Castles

whoah. links.



Blogger Lazaro Casanova said...

Thanks for the love.

I'm actually reworking my remix when I get down to Miami.


8:22 PM


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