11 December 2006

Free things are the best things.

So, some T-Shirts came in the mail today. Erase Errata, Bikini Kill, and Deerhoof. Deerhoof's is best. I'm now the proud owner of this fabulous number.

Along with the shirts, I got a a complimentary burned mix.
How generous of Kill Rock Stars! and, only because I'm generous too,

here is the Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album.

and here is the tracklisting:

The New Year - Imaad Wasif
Winter Kills - Gold Chains & Jillian Iva
Wonderland - The Robot Ate Me
Hapi Holidaze - Many Timony Band
Everyday is Christmas With You - Beth Ditto
Hannukah Snowman - Phrance
Young Man - Thao Nguyen
Little Drummer Boy - Excepter
2000 Miles - Everyothers
The War is Over - Paperchase
In-Between Carols- Sport Murphy
J.C. is Born - Slumber Party
Chrissthym - Octis




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free things are good.

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