12 December 2006

I'm Here to Get This Baby Dancin'.

Devendra Banhart is one of my few heroes under the age of thirty. In a world gone to fear and noise pollution, Banhart is one of the few shining lights at the end of the long plastic hallway. A guiding voice if you will. Behind the scenes in a sense. Banhart possesses that sort of mystique Bob Dylan once emanated and it's obviously by accident. You just can't touch him.

"It would be very different if I felt comfortable with those terms like 'freak folk,' 'avant-folk,' 'New Weird America,' all that shit," remarks Banhart. "If I felt comfortable with those terms, it would be different. It would perhaps be something I felt responsible for or nervous about or the weight of. But I'm so turned off by – and want to have SO little to do with - these stupid and tacky and horrible terms that they mean nothing to me." (Devendra to Jam Base)

MP3: Old Thunderbird

Be careful.



Anonymous danz said...

listen to T.Rex's Electric Warrior.
Banhart IS Bolan.

11:35 PM


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