08 December 2006

Your mother dresses you funny.

No, not you Sonic Youth, you dress yourselves quite nicely. Where has the youth gone? Certainly not away, or into retirement, that's for sure. If anything they're busier than ever... touring Europe, Kim Gordon releasing Chronicle number 2.. "The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities" is even available on Dec. 12th... whoah. wait, what? A compilation b-side album?! Oh, yes! Don't worry, your eyes didn't just play a dirty trick on you. The band has picked it's previously vinyl only gems, and other unreleased treasures to coexist on one perfectly spherical disk.. ah, if only a vinyl addition would present itself before the holiday season sadly ends, or at least before I spend all of my holiday-related earnings.. Oh well. Expect the vinyl LP, double vinyl LP, that is, in 2007.

'The Destroyed Room'

Fire Engine Dream - (2003) outtake from "Sonic Nurse;" previously unreleased
Fauxhemians - (2001) from The Noho Furniture Sessions; originally released on the "All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1" compilation ATP Records.
Razor Blade - (1994) b-side from the "Bull in the Heather" single
Blink - (1999) from the "Pola X" soundtrack
Campfire - (2000) from the "At Home With The Groovebox" compilation originally released on Grand Royal Records.
Loop Cat - (2003) from the "You Can Never Go Fast Enough" compilation originally released on Plain Recordings.
Kim's Chords - (2003) Japanese bonus track from "Sonic Nurse"
Beautiful Plateau - (2003) Japanese bonus track from "Sonic Nurse"
Three Part Sectional Love Seat- (2001) from The Noho Furniture Sessions; previously unreleased
Queen Anne Chair - (2001) from The Noho Furniture Sessions; previously unreleased
The Diamond Sea - (1995) LP version with alternate ending, b-side from The Diamond Sea CD single

and of course,
MP3: The Diamond Sea



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