07 January 2007

Just because..

..there are cooler dances in this video than in thriller and your junior prom combined.

So. Trash Fashion. Cool clothes, cool video. Oh, yes, yes, yes. I now know what a Rave is, thanks to Dave. And though I've yet to be convinced that they aren't a complete joke, here's an MP3 anyway. (I think it's actually on one of the mixes.. somewhere.) To make it easier,

MP3: Rave Dave - Trash Fashion

AND, because I still haven't quite figured out how to pronounce chk chk chk, here are two MP3's off of their upcoming album, Myth Takes, due out March 4th.

Tracklisting as follows:
1. Myth Takes
2. All My Heroes Are Weirdos
3. Must Be The Moon
4. A New Name
5. Heart of Hearts 6. Sweet Life
7. Yadnus
8. Bend Over Beethoven
9. Break In Case Of Anything
10. Infinifold

What I'm willing to give you:

MP3: Break in Case of Anything - !!!

MP3: Myth Takes - !!!


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Anonymous Zack siegel said...

You new blog sett up is hot.... you got me motivated to settt up my own blog... and thanks for the helppp

6:56 PM


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