31 January 2007

One more night til mix night.

In our sad and impractical day and age, I admit it: I hate second albums. I especially hate second albums when first albums are amazing. It’s the anticipation. That dumb anticipation of expecting exactly what the first album was, but expecting it to be different too. I almost feel bad for the artists that compose amazing debuts. Afterward they're left scrutinized until dropping album number two, and at that point it’s impossible for them to go right. Different and sameness rarely share a common ground. If a band wants to experiment, they’re usually chastised for it. If a band chooses to sound exactly as they were on album number one, they’re penalized for not going a step further. I hate critics. I don’t like expectations. And I certainly don’t like comparing second albums with first albums..

.. ha ha.

Alright. The Arcade Fire. You knew it was coming. So how would I compare Neon Bible with Funeral? Well, I never thought Funeral was that good. After hearing a leaked Neon Bible though, I’d say Funeral was excellent. If you skip buying their album when it's out March 6th, at least call their album's number: 1-866-Neon Bible. (yes, their album has it's own phone number.. and website) I was occupied for houuurs.

MP3: Intervention - The Arcade Fire

MP3: Black Mirror - The Arcade Fire

Beruit's new EP, Lon Gisland, also came out on Ba Da Bing! a few days ago. It features a new version of Scenic World. And I'm not sure if it's been touched on, but Lon Gisland sounds a lot like Long Island said in a very bad staten island accent.

MP3: Elephant Gun - Beirut

welcome back Joey.


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