23 January 2007


No matter how many times I listen to Nick Cave, his Bad Seeds, or The Birthday Party, I always tend to get a bit frightened. Not very, only a bit. It's that voice. That dark, cryptic voice. It never fails at reminding me of scenes in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tim Curry as a tranny is and forever will be scary. Ssion have done a swell job at covering The Birthday Party's "Nick The Stripper"; they've also done a swell job at not reminding me of tranny Tim Curry.. of course, I mean sound-wise. Appearance wise, well, I'll leave that for you to decide..

Street Jizz - Ssion:

MP3: She's Hit - The Birthday Party

MP3: Do You Love Me? - Nick Cave


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Blogger greedy gums said...

your blog is so pretty!

how long have you guys been around?

your mixes are great!

excuse me whilst i add you to our role!

all the best

9:45 PM


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