07 February 2007


So what do you get when you combine bubblegum pop with 60's garage (MP3: Let's Take A Trip - Godfrey) and just a bit of 70's glam (MP3: Lean Woman Blues - T. Rex)?

The Bicycles. Yes, that's right. And you thought bicycles were only a transportation device.. Their album The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly came out last year.. if I could say one thing about the album, just use one sole word to describe the entire thing, I'd say that it's a happy album. I'm not exactly saying that the album is emotional and actually feels happy, because albums are objects and objects can't feel happy. I am saying that it's an album that makes you feel very happy. If you're grumpy after listening, it's either because you just don't care for things warm and cuddly, or it's likely bicycles just aren't for you.

Perhaps then you could stick with:

MP3: Moving in Stereo - The Cars

But, if you're willing to try Bicycles out..

MP3: B-B-Bicycles - The Bicycles


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