08 February 2007

Bringing it b-b-back

I promise, this is the last post t-t-that I do t-t-this.
What a lovely month for releases. Actually, what lovely month(s) for releases. Especially for bands that were cool 10+ years ago. I assure you, 2007 is all about emersing your ears and ipod with the 90's. Wilco's Blue Sky Blue comes out in May, Dinasour Jr.'s Beyond comes out in May too, The Apples in Stereo released New Magnetic Wonder two days ago, their first album release in five years. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists release Living with the Living in March (okay, well, they're almost 90's). High Llamas release Can Cladders in a few weeks. I heard Shellacs releasing a new one too, it's titled Excellent Italian Greyhound, though exactly when I'm unsure, and also too lazy to look into..

I'm not posting a new mix tonight, but if you're feeling hopeless as far as new music goes, check out Deerhunter (whom of which everyone and their mother are going crazy over). They just released Cryptograms a few days ago. The Papercuts are sounding more than excellent... as are the Noisettes, who are releasing What’s The Time Mr Wolf? the 12th.

Good god. Music is impossible to keep up with.

I would never leave you empty handed!
Get your flannel on. Put your hat backward. Because here's Shellac doing The Sex Pistols live back in '98:

MP3: God Save The Queen (Live) - Shellac

MP3: Anarchy in the UK (Live) - Shellac

bringing it b-b-back even further to 1985:

MP3: Does it Float? (Live)- Dinosaur Jr.


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