01 February 2007

Don't Stop Me Now

The best part in 'Don't Stop Me Now' is when Freddy Mercury makes the reference to being like an atom bomb, and being ready to reload and whoah whoah whoah explode.. waaaaait a second...

'Mix 13' Tracklising:

This Is Your Last Chance To Be Famous My Love - The Mint Chicks
Easy Way To Be Cruel - Pants Yell!
Paper Cuts - The Boy Least Likely To
Silent Movies - Peter And The Wolf
Stadiums And Shrines II - Sunset Rubdown
In The Valley - The Lovely Feathers
The Reflection - Sparrow House
Don't Pass On Me - Woods
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Moon River - Audrey Hepburn
Aderol - Cuckoo Canoe
I Love You All The Time - Oh No! Oh My!
Did I Step On Your Trumpet? - Danielson



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