26 February 2007

This is a lucky post..

Seven already! That means well over 20-something e-mix tapes have been put up for your listening pleasure! I'm in an electric sort of mood this week. Semi anyway, I did go through a Nick Drake phase yesterday evening, but I always go through musical phases (as you might already tell by the genre-jumping). Beethoven was actually fourth on my last.fm this week. I'm not lying. Ludwig helps me sleep.

The songs aren't in a zip file, and the mixes probably won't be for now on (this way I can take down a track if need be, plus the Leni track took up like 13 MB's worth of space.. pfffshh, like I was going to zip that) You can sort of sift through them. Trust me, they're all good though. I'd never give you anything bad or worth sifting over.

Elec #7:
No More Conversations (Subliminal Kid Remix) - Freeform Five
Leni (Caucasian Dub Disco Mix) - GoodBooks
Something Good - Van She Tech vs Utah Saints
Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
Love Ya (Herve Remix) - Unklejam
It's Magnetic (Luke Smith/Clor Remix) - Assembly Now
Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix) - Martin Landsky
Nice Bird - Les Petits Pilous
Reply (Phage and Daniel Dreier Remix) - 3 Channels
Return of Zombie Bikers (Hrdvision remix) - Midnight Operator

Teens seem to be who everyone's depending on these days. For trends, for inspiration, for remixes..
Anyway a wonderful wonderful set of teens from London, Xerox Teens, have gotten these two songs permanently stuck in my head.

MP3: Ba (Ba-Ba Ba) - Xerox Teens
MP3: Darlin' - Xerox Teens

ba ba ba ba.. ba-ba ba...


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