15 February 2007

Hello Mom!

No, I'm not givng a random shout out to my mother, even though she might feel cool if I did that. Hello Mom is the name of Modeselektor's album that came out two years ago. I'm not going to cover up the fact that I'm just getting into it now, because then I'd be lying to you and if I did that, what would be left of my honesty? Nothing. Then my blog would become useless if you discovered all I was doing was lying to you. You might not look at it anymore, and I'd be very, very upset... anyway, it's a very good album and I truly am ashamed it's been on my itunes so long sans listening. It's one of those albums where everything is varied yet fits together. I suggest if you don't have the album, to get it, and if you don't feel like getting it, to download these MP3's anyway so you can at least say that you attempted to do something today.

I see they're taking tips from P.Diddy as well..

MP3: Vote or Die - Modeselektor
MP3: Kill Bill Vol. 4 - Modeselektor

If you want something not from 2005, datA just released this remix (thanks to Floukids):

MP3: J'aime pas l'art remix - datA

buy their album with J'aime pas l'art here.


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