28 February 2007

If only everyone made perfect music.

But then, there wouldn't be music blogs. This track came out February 19th on Hope Recordings. If you're unfamiliar with Hope Recordings Nick Warren is in control of Hope's A&R.. and if you're unfamilair with Nick Warren, you might know him from his DJ/Producer fame.. or from his Way Out West fame. So, then, who is Shiloh? Other than having an unappealing album cover, they are two Canadian brothers, signed to both Baroque and Hope, who make elaborate progressive dance music.. and upon hearing Cafe Del Mariachi, apparently wonderful basslines too. Get it @ Juno.. when it comes back in stock..

MP3: My apologies to Hope Recordings, who requested Cafe Del Mariachi (Nick Warren Mix) to be removed.

I was utterly pissed yesterday when I wrote a whole post on Dr. Dog's new album We All Belong then deleted it on accident. If I can remember what I said correctly, and I probably won't because my memory is far from good, I'd like to quote myself. I said that the album was amazing, was exceptional, I said that the lyrics were familiar, whilst the melodies had more than the average chance of getting stuck in your head. I said that the weighty reverbs went perfectly with the style that the songs address. And I also said that if there was a We All Belong Club for the We All Belong album, I would belong to that club. The Kinks meet The Beach Boys meet The Zombies meet The Shins meet the.. etc.

from We All Belong out on Park The Van:
MP3: Ain't It Strange - Dr. Dog
MP3: Die Die Die - Dr. Dog

Also! Kavinsky has a new EP out on Record Makers titled 1986. The 1986 I have at present is encrypted. (this is what happens when you settle for itunes.. unfortunately..) But! what I can give you encryption-free is this song that you probably already have:

MP3: Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix) - Kavinsky

and my two personal favorites from his Teddy Boy EP:
MP3: Arpanet Nightdrive (rework) - Kavinsky
MP3: Mr Oizo Autodrive T42 - Kavinsky

hope all's well.

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Blogger Ian Michael said...

a wonderful set!
i saw dr. dog here in new orleans. it was wonderful. you do him great justice with your writeup.

i usually get tired of 10 minute songs, but shiloh does a nice job with the mix. definately dance-able.

7:28 PM


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