19 February 2007

It's my birthday.

Well, in a few hours. I'll be 18. I don't feel like I'm going to be 18. I hardly feel 17; though I'm sure that will all change once I buy my first legal lottery ticket, because I do try to buy them illegally quite often..

Here is a mix which I'm hoping ENVRNMNTL will eventually fuse together and make cooler. If they do, I'll post it. If they don't, then I won't post it because it won't exist. Either way I still like them.

'Electric Mix 6' Tracklisting:

Slammin' (Axwell Remix) - Eric Prydz
Listen Man - The Bulgarian
Limousine - Vicarious Bliss
Shorts and Heels - Lazaro Casanova
Da Hype (feat. Robert Smith) - Junior Jack
Nazis (Justice Remix) - Mr. Oizo
Girls In Hats (Kissy Sell Out Mix) - The Loose Cannons
Drumtrax - Joakim
The Magnificent Romeo (Basement Jaxx vs The Clash) - Soulwax
Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium Remix) - Surkin

one last thing: http://catsinurstuffdoingthings.ytmnd.com/.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Good work :)

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Kissy sellout:

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