25 February 2007

It's my last day

Working at the pizza shop I've been working at for two years. A sad occasion, as now I won't be able to have my customary free pizza leaving and going home each Sunday night after working.. Which is a good thing, calorie wise. I'll be working at a clothing store now. I've come to notice that they really are the coolest places to be seen working in. Besides Hooters, of course. Or Burger King- clothing stores are a close third in line. I'll be getting discounts well over 10 percent. (whether that beats free pizza or not, I'm rather unsure.) This probably means more hours folding clothes and appeasing customers and less hours spent blogging and appeasing you. Although, I could be lying again..

(chi caaa chi caa go..) ONE by producer, DJ, and label (Systematic) owner Marc Romboy, and TWO by Tuomas Salmela aka Phonogenic. Both fresh sounding, cool sounding, tech-y and both excellent remixes of an already excellent track by the two talented Mazi (Gourmet) & Duriez (Brigue Rouge). Buy it @ Phonica.

MP3:Wake Up Call (Marc Romboy Remix) Mazi & Duriez
MP3: Wake Up Call (Phonogenic Remix) - Mazi & Duriez

Just because my blog is all about variety, and I'm very varied with the variety of music I Iisten to. Also, because Mazi sounds like Mazzy. I like relating things in this way.
From Mazzy Star's 1991 Album, She Hangs Brightly. I was two years old then, I remember quite accurately how intense the album was as a tot. I'm kidding..

(is it possible Grizzly Bear used the same house for their album cover?! a mystery.. I think the railings are different.)

MP3: Halah - Mazzy Star
MP3: Before I Sleep - Mazzy Star


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