25 February 2007

A proclamation of love.

I love that Sneaky Sound System love's it, and I love that they've created many meanings for the word it. I love that Bag Raiders and Riot in Belgium love Sneaky Sound System's I love It enough to remix it, because the original is one of those songs better remixed. It's a song made perfectly for hedonistic parties, and for making girls and boys with bright outfits dance and mingle endearingly. The best part about the I Love It CD single though, is that it's out on WHACK records. The Whack as in, "that's whack" "the color of your jacket is whack" "I don't like you because you are whack", whack? That can't be possible. I wonder if the record label was titled WHACK for the purpose of reverse psychology. You know, like if I tell you not to go here.

MP3: I Love It (Bag Raiders Remix) - Sneaky Sound System
MP3: I Love It (Riot In Belgium Forest Rave Mix) - Sneaky Sound System


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