04 February 2007

My Favorite Song

off of the melodramatic Neon Bible is, in fact, 'Neon Bible'. Neutral Milk Hotelesque. The same can be said for 'The Well And The Lighthouse' and 'My Body Is a Cage', but unfortunately, I can't post every song. Well. I could, but I'd feel bad about doing that.

MP3: Neon Bible - Arcade Fire

I've come to like Neon Bible a lot. I made the mistake of not listening thoroughly the first time 'round. It's a 'heavy' album. A good, creative, heavy album, and I've fallen for this one very differently then I fell for Funeral. Think of Neon Bible as... a Radiohead album post The Bends, only more extravagant, less electric, and with the organ... okay, one more.

MP3: My Body Is A Cage - Arcade Fire

the picture of all that lightning is from Tucson, AZ..
..ahh, how I love New York.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny your very contradictive a few posts down you said this album was boring? I'm rather confused.

9:08 PM

Anonymous Danz said...

On this post I wrote that "I've come to like it" which means that presently, I do like it, and upon first hearing, I didn't. It's an awesome album. Funeral grew on me quicker, but I like Neon Bible better. And I never said Neon Bible was boring!!

9:44 PM


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