16 February 2007

Oh My,

Recall a few posts down when I told you about being the 11th person to listen to Guitar Wolf's new album on Last.fm? (well, almost new) You'll be thrilled for me even more when I tell you that I am the 1st person to listen to Frog Eyes' 4th LP Tears of the Valedictorian as well!! I don't mean to boast, but finding new albums, getting new albums, and listening to these new albums before everyone else does (everyone else, meaning the Last.fm population..it's really the only way I can gage myself. That, and what's on the Hype Machine) is a big thing for me. If you're unfamiliar with Frog Eyes, it should be obvious already that they're a curiously different band. (I mean, come on, like Frog Eyes is a normal name..) As far as their music goes, Tears of the Valedictorian is very experimental and folk rock, and doesn't define the band as an amazing band but defines what an experimental band should and does sound like. If you're into Swan Lake you might like Frog Eyes, Carey Mercer's in both. Pre-order Tears of the Valedictorian @ Absolutey Kosher, out May 1st.

MP3: Idle Songs - Frog Eyes
MP3: The Policy Merchant, the Silver Bay - Frog Eyes
MP3: "Stockades" - Frog Eyes


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