23 February 2007

Only 2 more months.

Until Blonde Redhead's new album 23 comes out April 10th on 4AD. The amiable semi-veterans aren't done yet... then again, a band retiring after six albums is far from a reality. 23 sounds like it will be satisfying. I mean, I've only heard one song thus far, and predicting anything definite would be a ridiculous thing for me to do. Though if the additional songs on the upcoming album are comparable with their first single, '23', expect less Sonic Youth-esque sounds, and more Mazzy Star/Mono-esque sounds, a lot like their 2004 album, Misery is a Butterfly. Of course, as I said, only if the songs sound anything like this..

MP3: '23' - Blonde Redhead

here's bringing it back a few years.. (10, actually) to Fake Can Be Just as Good:

MP3: Symphony of Treble - Blonde Redhead

So, what do you get when you alter something minimal and make it sound unique, just a bit brazen, and delightfully gritty? You would get Audiofly's remix of Claude Vonstroke's The Whistler. Liking the remix seems so effortless. It's too simple to dislike. Get it @ Go Deeva Records.

MP3:The Whistler (Audiofly Remix) - Claude VonStroke

And last but not least, another pleasing-pleasurable-uncluttered-minimalistic-effortless-to-listen-to-track, here is Heartthrob's Baby Kate nicely remixed by Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman. Out March 7th on M_NUS.

MP3: Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix) - Heartthrob


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