12 February 2007

Prove Yourself

There aren't many bands that have many albums that I like equally. Radiohead, an exception though. I was making up playlists from random bands' discographies when I realized how hard it is. I ended up making a Radiohead Mix, because that was wonderfully easy, aside from making a Beatles playlist, probably easiest. Besides a few, all of the songs are basically b-sides, the ones that aren't, well.. they're just as cool anyway.


Dollars And Cents Amnesiac
Bishop's Robes Street Spirit (Fade Out) (CD1)
I Am Citizen Insane Go To Sleep (CD1)
A Reminder No Surprises/Running From Demons [EP]
Morning Bell Kid A
2+2=5 2+2=5 (CD1)
Gagging Order Com Lag (With 6 Bonus Tracks)
The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy Pyramid Song (CD1)
There There Hail to the Thief
Pearly* Paranoid Android (CD1)
Banana Co. Itch
Fog Knives Out (CD1)
India Rubber Just For College (CDS)
Thinking About You Pablo Honey
How Can You Be Sure? Fake Plastic Trees
Punchdrunklovesick Singalong My Iron Lung (CD1)
Polyethylene (Parts 1&2) Airbag/How Am I Driving? [EP]

And these, just because:
MP3: We Suck Young Blood (Solcofn Mix) - Radiohead
MP3: Missing Links (Feat. Radiohead) - Plan B




Anonymous clive said...

i totally agree with you about those two bands being pretty much the easiest to make a playlist with.

and i like the mix. polyethylene is one of my favorite radiohead songs.


11:23 PM

Blogger Lazaro Casanova said...

This is great. Radiohead was the first big concert I ever attended.

1:14 AM

Blogger ellen frances idontlikeit said...

oh man, radiohead clippings used to cover my walls and there were a few years of my life that there was basically nothing else i could even listen to because i was so absolutely taken with every single thing radiohead did.

2:04 PM


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