01 March 2007

The Gift

For those of you who have absolutely nothing to do with yourselves tonight, you're in luck. The short story below is taken from The Velvet Underground's 1968 album, White Light/White Heat. The album, by far, (even sans Nico, without Warhol producing..and with Reed beguiled by the graces of sex and drugs) stands as my favorite album of The Velvet Underground's.. then it's VU.. then, well, they didn't make too many albums did they.. To say that White Light/White Heat is conventional for them or for the late 60's would be the biggest understatement ever. Check out 'Lady Godiva's Operation' (track 4) too. It's about a sex change operation. It's interesting. Scary. Weird. As for The Gift.. well, The Gift is a short story about..

MP3: The Gift - The Velvet Underground




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