06 March 2007

I feel terrible.

..really terrible, that I haven't posted anything in so long. I mean.. it has only been 5 days.. But, my terrible feeling can only mean one thing.. that this post will have to be ridiculously long and wordy so I feel less like a slacker. Let us begin..

Firstly, I'll tell you about Dntel's new album. (Don-tell, Din-tell, I should look that up..) Dntel (part of Figurine, part of The Postal Service, aka Jimmy Tamborello, aka James Figurine) has just created a masterpiece of an album, Dumb Luck. I get excited about albums very rarely.. I mean, I love music and listening to it, but it's only on occassion when I hear something and go, "Wow. This is better than good. This is better than better than good. It's better than.. It's..." well, you get the point. Dumb Luck is one of those 'better than good albums'. The songs are boundless, each blends perfectly with the next, they seem infinate. Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, and Mia Doi Todd are all guests on Dumb Luck. As are Grizzly Bear and Fog whose tracks I'm going to give you. Right Now. Pre-order here. Album comes out in April.

MP3: To A Fault (Ft. Grizzly Bear) - Dntel
MP3: Natural Resources (Ft. Fog) - Dntel

Les Petits Pilous. Like Perrier water, even the name sounds foreign and intriguing. Unlike Perrier water, Les Petits Pilous have just released their first EP, Hello, We Are. It's out on Boys Noize Records (2/22). If you're looking for genuine electric beats with dirty wonderful glitch hints, Les Petits Pilous might just serve as your unexpected savior. Thank you France, for being so electronically generous. Get the Hello, We Are EP @ Phonica.

MP3: Dodo Electro - Les Petits Pilous

Scratch Perverts. No, I'm not commanding you to do anything.. the Scratch Perverts (which include DJs Prime Cuts, Tony Vegas and Plus One) released Watch The Ride yesterday. These guys are talented, and the compilation is well worth a good listen, or two, or three, or four. The tracklist (incase you were wondering..) has everything. The Perverts have Mark Ronson's "Just", that oh-so-wonderful Radiohead cover, on there. (If you haven't already noticed, I'm kind of into Radiohead, and the Ronson cover is kind of awesome.) Spank Rock's "Bump" is on there too, along with the Chemical Brothers, and other notables that I won't get to now; all alongside Scratch Perverts' own concoctions. Get the album here.

MP3: Freaks - Scratch Perverts

I wish that everyone was really weird and eccentric and Canadian like Dandi Wind. If that was the case, firstly, I'd have more style inspiration. Secondly, there would be Canadians everywhere, which means more good musicians. And thirdly (and most importantly) electo/punk would be so much more interesting if everyone wore leotards. I have to be honest with you, Dandi Wind's not really my thing, even scary a little. Everyone gets their ear-enjoyment through different sounds, though. I had to mention Dandi. From the 2006 album Concrete Igloo:

MP3: 2010 - Dandi Wind

And lastly:

MP3: Song For You - Alexi Murdoch

Nick Drake, not quite as good, with a blatant Scottish accent..


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