16 March 2007

I hope that everyone..

likes my new layout. I really didn't alter that much, apart from changing my neon colors to the LSU colors (which wasn't on purpose), and now I'm on my own banner.. which is sort of weird.. I might replace that. The coolest part about the renovation, is that now on my sidebar I have listed my 9 current favorite albums with links (because I couldn't think of 10.. excect maybe Wilco's Blue Sky Blue or Les Petits Pilous Hello, We Are.. maybe I'll put 10 up later) The albums from top to bottom are as follows:

Ten New Messages - The Rakes
Rainbow Man - Busy P
Dumb Luck - Dntel
The Magic Position - Patrick Wolf
Action Replay - Surkin
Turn The Lights Out - The Ponys
1986 - Kavinsky
Trompe-L'Oeil - Malajube
Technicolour - The Loves

I think I've already told you about all of the albums, or at least the artists. I'll probably post new favorites every two weeks or so. Patrick Wolf's The Magic Position I'll touch on later this week, but today is a day for Ponys and for Love. How sweet and awkward.

Just like I am a big Cribs fan, I am a big Ponys fan. I was also a big Ian Adams fan, until he left the group after their second album. Why!? I'm not sure, but The Ponys still sound like The Ponys without him, just minus the British pop-happy vibe. In most cases, change is either good or bad, but in this case, change is simply change. They still remind me of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, as they always have with that certain hollow scuzzy sound. Get Turn The Lights Out March 20th when it comes out on Matador.

off of Turn The Lights Out:
MP3: Turn The Lights Out - The Ponys
MP3: Maybe I'll Try - The Ponys

off of Celebration Castle:
MP3: She's Broken - The Ponys
MP3: I'm With You - The Ponys (my favorite Ponys track)

off of Laced With Romance:
MP3: I Love You 'Cause (You Look Like Me) - The Ponys (my favorite Ponys track title)

I had no idea about The Loves until I started browsing Last.fm (as I sometimes do) and found that Besnard Lakes fans are Loves fans too. Hmmm.. "Interesting", I thought. So after downloading Technicolour and listening, I came to the conclusion that The Loves are like The Bicycles- a band that either belongs, or really badly wants to subsist in the 1960's. Although I don't blame them, bubblegum pop is enjoyable on occasion, I feel as if completely echoing another era is something that shouldn't be done. If I want to hear something from 1967, I'll put on an album from 1967, and then I'll say "Wow, the 1960's were amazing" and I won't have to feel fooled because I won't be listening to an album from 2007. Although I do like The Loves, I don't love The Loves. I apparently love them enough to put them in my sidebar though... maybe it's the techni-cool album cover.

off of Technicolour:
MP3: She'll Break Your Heart... Again - The Loves
MP3: How Does It Feel To Be Loved? - The Loves


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