15 March 2007

I'm SWITCH-ing it up.

Speaker Junk have made me very happy. This past week I've been on the most pathetic Jimi Hendrix binge. Are You Experienced?, Midnight Lightning, Rainbow Bridge, the live stuff, Isle of Wight, the essentail stuff. Jimi jimi jimi jimi jimi. So, how much more elated could I have been when I found that Speaker Junk have re-done 'Foxy Lady'! Only they titled their's 'Foxxy' and made it (obviously) much more electro then Jimi's version ever was. I love it. I really do. And what I love even more about this whole ordeal, is that Switch remixed Foxxy. You want it? Here it is:

MP3: Foxxy (Switch Remix) - Speaker Junk
get Jimi's 'Foxy Lady' a few posts down.

Yuksek. He does it the French way, the electro way, he produces, he makes amazing low key remixes and songs. Yuksek's first release was his Friendship Salad EP back in 2002. Hello Sukuki was released a few years later in 2004, and I like it a lot, even though it's very stark and simple. I suggest that you get his latest, Composer which came out on Relish Recordings this past February.
Here's going back three years.

From the Hello Sukuki 12":
MP3: Persecaution - Yuksek
MP3: Binary Gear - Yuksek


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