24 March 2007

I've got these beats

Hypothetically.. let's say you took five good electronic producers. You sat them down. You told them to generate something deep without specifying what you meant by deep. You told them to make something semi-electro, something house, something fresh, something old-school. You emphasized old-school, and you emphasized house. Well, what would you get? If those producers you sat down were Andrew Macari, Dan Lye, Jason Cowley, Steve Walker, and Andy Riley, you would get ToKa Project's newest EP, I've Got These Beats. Good work. Came out March 12th via Robsoul. Get it @ Juno.

The EP is great. The track titles are perfect for ad-libbing. For instance, I can create this sentence:
People, I Gotta Go, I've Got These Beats.
or I could make:
I Gotta Go, People, I've Got These Beats.
I've Got These Beats, People, Leave Me Alone You Bastards, I Gotta Go

well.. I can't actually make that last one without improvising.. you understand.

off of the I've Got These Beats EP:
MP3: I've Got These Beats - Toka Project
MP3: People - Toka Project

I've also got.. some B-sides from The Long Blondes. The single Once and Never Again came out on CD format, and 7" vinyl last October. There are two versions of the vinyl single- one blue version and one orange version. If you can recall, trendy fellow Erol Alkan does some producing for The Long Blondes. Here are some of the b-sides he produced for the single Once and Never Again. Coincidentally, one can be found on the orange 7", the other on the blue.

MP3: The Whippet Fancier - The Long Blondes
MP3: Who Are You To Her - The Long Blondes

Ever wonder what snippets of Sisqo's Thong Song would sound like, if it was better? Since we're touching on Erol, and Erol does in fact make the kids dance, here is Mustapha 3000 (aka Erol Alkan) doing the thong song kongo style.

MP3: Kongo Thong - Mustapha 3000


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