12 March 2007

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Here's another remix of Heartthrob's Baby Kate from the Baby Kate Remixes 12" out on M_NUS. I especially like this one because of it's name.. but of course, that wouldn't be a very justifiable reason to like any track.. so I'll tell you about it. The beginning starts off very bare, as practically all of the Baby Kate remixes do. Then, about a minute in, the bare reverbs eventually bleed into more significant sounds, all the while still remaining basic. If you're into a very basic and minimal house sort of thing, you might like this remix by Magda, which I think is very nice, because I'm into a very basic and minimal house sort of thing.

MP3: Baby Kate (Magda's "Where Is My Baby's Daddy" Mix) - Heartthrob

Prior to yesterday, I thought I had heard every available track from NYPC. I was wrong. I completely missed this track off of the Get Lucky single. Maybe that's because I never had the Get Lucky single prior to yesterday.. I can't stop listening now.

MP3: Hiding On The Staircase - New Young Pony Club

Also, what's titled Blue Sky Blue and out via Nonesuch May 15th?
Only Wilco's new album.
Here's something, til May comes rolling along.

Off of Wilco's upcoming Blue Sky Blue:
MP3: Walken - WIlco
MP3: Impossible Germany - Wilco


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