21 March 2007

Remixes Compiled

I love compilations, particularly remix compilations. Two piece Telefon Tel Aviv will release Remixes Compliled May 1st via Hefty.. This is more than excellent, if you like them and intelligible dance music. Compiled things are always nice because they tend to save you from finding things on your own. While I'm not much into the subdued duo, I still think the album is noteworthy. Buy it when it does come out.

MP3: Time Is Running Out (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - Phil Ranelin
MP3: A Genuine Display (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - Midwest Product
MP3: Komponent (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - Apparat




Anonymous disaster said...

oh, thanks for the heads up! loves me some telefon tel aviv. i recommend everyone listen to their first album 'fahrenheit fair enough' to get a feel for 'em.

midwest product are no musical slackers either.

5:55 PM


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