16 March 2007

Rix del Rio

Rix del Rio from Denmark just supplied me with this lavish mix. What an awesome name to have. Rix. I like it. It's more impressive than Danzie. I also like his mixtape. You'll figure out why. It goes a bit special like this:

The Chemical Brothers 'Electronic Battle Weapon 8' vs. Mikael Weill 'Silmarions' (Claude Von Stroke Mix)
Trash Fashion - 'It's A Rave Dave' (JE2 Grade 8 Mix)
SebastiAn - 'Greel'
The Martin Brothers - 'Stoopit' (original mix)
Napsugar - 'Somebody got lucky'
Jurgen Paape - 'Take This'
Andrea Doria - 'Yaoo' (Original Mix)
John Dahlback - 'Blink'
Findlay Brown - 'Losing The Will To Survive' (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix)
Headland - 'Love Hate' (Blamma! Blamma! remix)
Justice - 'Phantom' (CFCF's Six Pack Remix)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - 'We Are Rockstars' (Kissy sell out Remix)
Sneaky Soundsystem - 'UFO' (Vanshe Tech)
Motor - 'Bleep #1'
Heavy D & Friends - 'In Living Color Theme' (Sta Remix)
Les Petits Pilous - 'Jolie Fille'
Digitalism - 'TVTV'
Tetsuo - 'Disco Team' vs. dancechic99 from YouTube
Busy P - 'Rainbow Man' (K. Christmon's Slight Tamper)
The Gossip - 'Jealous Girls' (New Young Pony Club 12" remix)
Le Film - 'Call Me Up'
The Rakes - 'We Danced Together' (SebastiAn Remix)

Rix Del Rio - March 2007 Mix


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Blogger Pacey (Les petits pilous) said...

Glad to be in !

2:20 PM

Anonymous Rix del Rio said...

yeah its one evil peak hour club track - i love it!

5:59 AM


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