09 March 2007

Something really amazing has happened.

The Cribs have a new song. It leaked on their myspace last week for one day. I think it's amazing, but I'm a big Cribs fan, so I couldn't give you a critic's opinion, just my own bias one.

MP3: Our Bovine Public - The Cribs


The only thing I can think of crazier than being bald.. is spelling crazy with a "k" and being bald. Ed Banger put out Krazy's Dry Guillotene EP January 7th. It's loud and gritty, lots of noise, but of course it would be gritty and noisy, because Ed Banger puts out gritty and noisy things. Buy it @ Arcade Mode. 'Applejuice' is awesome. get it get it get it.

MP3: Dry Guillotine - Krazy Baldhead
MP3: Applejuice - Krazy Baldhead

Paul Johnson's 'Hot' is on fire, like these matches. Especially when it's remixed by Surkin. Surkin seems to do an amazing job on everything. Maybe it's because he's from France. Maybe it's because he just is. Regardless, get the 'Hot' remixes, including Nicolas Vallée's @ Beatport.

MP3: Hot (Surkin Remix) - Paul Johnson

Also, did I mention that Peter Bjorn and John reissued two of their previous albums last month? Both their 2002 S/T album, and their 2004 album, Falling Out have been reissued with 5 new bonus tracks on each. This is cool, for all of you PB&J fans. haha. PB&J.

Bonus tracks from the reissue of Falling Out:
MP3: The Trap's My Trip - Peter Bjorn and John
MP3: Fortune Favours Only The Brave - Peter Bjorn and John


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Blogger Ian Michael said...

i laughed quite a bit at apple juice.
barber shop is a rather funny movie.

8:16 AM


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