26 March 2007


So, Deerhunter's LP Cryptograms got proper recognition. If you're a blogger or a blog-reader or a myspace-r.. whatever, Deerhunter=what's up. I got tired of hearing about them, actually. That doesn't mean I'm not going to promote their upcoming EP/epilogue to Cryptograms, Fluorescent Grey, though. Pfffsh. It's great! It's also out in April . I'm sure that it will get proper recognition too. Like New reminds me of the Arcade Fire.

off of the Fluorescent Grey EP:
MP3: Dr. Glass - Deerhunter
MP3: Like New - Deerhunter

Staying on the topic of bands that have mammels incorporated in their names..Washington D.C.'s Antelope release Reflector tomorrow via Dischord. It's a lovely album, effortless, simple.. sometimes boring. But who cares. I'm tired. Here's some music.

Off of Reflector:
MP3: Mirroring - Antelope
MP3: Dead Eye - Antelope


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