11 April 2007

Airports are booooring

Feeling a bit bored sitting in Tampa International waiting for my flight back to snow-stricken New York, I'll tell you about a few things.

Apparat releases Walls next month. This should appeal to you for a few reasons, especially if you're into ambient electro. Walls is a perfect listen for someone who doesn't want to be murdered by harder more overpowering sounds. When I think of ambience, I think of a certain aura, I think of emanation, openess. Apparat IS ambience. The german artist does light music rightly. Pick up Walls when it comes out on the label partly owned by Apparat himself, Shitkatapult.

taken from the upcoming, Walls:
MP3: Arcadia - Apparat (YSI)
MP3: Over and Over - Apparat (YSI)

This is a bit random.. If you can remember, Justice Vs. Simain's We Are Your Friends was quite the hit a few months back thanks to Ed Banger. The original 2003 track - Never Be Alone was featured on a 12"; sharing territory with Espion's Anything is Possible on the flipside of the record. Anyway, getting to my point, I wish Justice Vs. Gambit's Steamulation would've been redone too. If not because it's a great simple track, because the title seems something like an awesome concept.

From the Never Be Alone EP:
MP3: Steamulation - Justice Vs Gambit (YSI)
MP3: Anything is Possible (Chateau Flight Remix) - Espion (YSI)

BY THE WAY: Good Weather For Airstrikes has an awesome Breakbot remix of Justice's Let There Be light.

Also, today I was sent some choice MP3's from Live Wire Recordings, home to the band I mentioned a few posts down, The Winter Sounds. One of the tracks that stuck out most to me was by these guys, Warm in the Wake. They remind me of a more western influenced Grizzly Bear or Papercuts. Superb vocals. Lovely keyboard. Gold Dust Trail was released this past February. I'm a fan.

From Gold Dust Trail:
MP3: Tame Thoughts - Warm in the Wake (YSI)

Back to New York.. and off to happily watch, for the 5th time..

MP3: Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey (YSI)


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