25 April 2007

Happy Endings

Probably my last post for the week, working a lot. So, here's a 14 song mix, sort of post-punk inspired. My intent was to make it a combination of b-sides, only I failed- just slightly. Enjoy.

CLICK: band for band info; song for mp3.

1: Let's Go - The Pigeon Detectives (YSI)
Romantic Type CDS
2: No One Loves You - Black Wire (YSI)
Smoke & Mirrors CDS
3: Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees (YSI)
Released in 78 as a single, later included on Once Upon A Time, a compilation album.
4: Do You Remember The First Time? - Pulp (YSI)
His 'n' Hers
5: May Lannoye - Good Shoes (YSI)
We Are Not The Same
6: Feelin' It! - The Cribs (YSI)
Arigato Cockers EP, What About Me CDS and 7"
7: Dancehall Deceit - Theoretical Girl (YSI)
Red Mist CDS
8: Tissue Soldiers - The Maccabees (YSI)
Colour It In
9: Yuko And Hiro - Blur (YSI)
The Great Escape
10: Idiot - Duels (YSI)
Pressure On You CDS
11: Tonight - The Ivories (YSI)
Reduce The Temperature 7"
12: Car Jamming - The Clash (YSI)
Combat Rock
13: Aphrodisiac - Bow Wow Wow (YSI)
Wild in the USA
14: Put Me On The Cover Of Your Magazine - Parva (Kaiser Chiefs, before they were the Kaiser Chiefs) (YSI)

Goddamn. I need to start hosting.. eventually, eventually.
now, to bed.




Anonymous brendan ryan said...

Certainly an interesting mix, never realised there was a Kaiser-Chiefs-Before-Kaiser Chiefs. Any idea how long that lasted?

12:46 PM

Anonymous Danz said...

They were originally named Runston Parva and then later Parva and then in 2003, Kaiser Chiefs. Parva had one s/t album and weren't very popular.. though the album wasn't shabby..

1:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was better than the shit they put out now that band is fucking garbage

1:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i notice a couple of songs from the soundtrack of marie antoinette...? great film anyway, and really good soundtrack - has got be obsessed with the radio dept.

9:39 AM


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