18 April 2007

Hump Dayz

No one likes Wednesdays.. at least I don't. This Wednesday is especially crappy, one reason being that I'm no longer basking in the glory that is my last spring break as a senior. Another reason being that I can't decide on what college I want to go to.. and I'm looking for an apartment in NYC.. which is another crappy feat to accomplish. Wednesdays. Crappy crappy crappy.
So. Moving on..

... to something that isn't crappy, Mr. Oizo. I was going to post Mr.Oizo's latest Transexual since it's awesome.. but you can already get that track here and here. Then I thought I'd post the Lorn remix of Transexual.. but, you can already get that here and here. I figured my posting would be pretty much pointless no matter the route of Transexual; so instead here's Patrick122 - a re-working of 1979's Do it at the Disco by Gary's Gang, featured on the EP that's out via ED BANGER in May.

MP3: Patrick122 - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

Bringing it back:

from 1999's Flat Beat
MP3: Monday Massacre - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

from 1998's M-Seq
MP3: Breakdown - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

from 2000's Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog:
MP3: Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog (Chien de Fusil Mix) - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

Last track is amazing, just when you think Chien de Fusil nearly murders the song with.. hawks? 2 minutes in, you realize they actually make it sound awesome.

Just because I haven't stopped listening to Poni Hoax recently. Olga Kouklaki's vocals in Budapest? WHAT THE F?! so great.

MP3: Budapest (feat. Olga Kouklaki) - Poni Hoax (YSI)
MP3: Carrie Ann - Poni Hoax (YSI)

Got a nice remix in the mail yesterday from Berlin's Napsugar of Rio's Race is Set. Dancey electro-pop that you'll probably like if you're into.. well.. dancey electro-pop and/or late 80's techno tracks. I'm impressed. Released in Germany on Beautycase Records.

MP3: Race Is Set (Napsugar Remix) - Rio (YSI)


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Blogger Dave said...

Yeah I keep coming back to Poni Hoax, still got the goods. And the vocalist shows up on a couple of tracks off Jaokim's new LP. AAAAND they've just put out a new EP I believe. How 'bout that!

PS. Dig the blog.

10:14 AM


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