08 April 2007


So.. here are the Arctic Monkeys. Only a slight preview of what the late April release Favourite Worst Nightmare will sound like. Of course, I'll review more when I'm able to buy the skip-free not leaked version. Which you should buy too. Keep in mind, this would be one of those albums where I'd like to post every song but can't.

MP3: Only Ones Who Know - Arctic Monkeys
MP3: 505 - Arctic Monkeys
MP3: If You Were There, Beware - Arctic Monkeys

Sorry. Had to be taken down. Buy the album.

Also.. here in Florida I've been emersing myself in the first season of SNL. I love the 70's- If not because of great music, because of great television, and because of Richard Pryor. Leon Redbone was a regular music act on much of SNL during that period. Of course after hearing him on the show, I went sorting through much of his albums. I've thought long and hard about what Leon sounds like, and I've come up with the perfect description. There is this 1946 Disney movie entitled Song of the South, and there's this part where actor James Baskett (Uncle Remus) sings 'Zippity-do-dah'- that, combined with a New Orleans jazz instrumentalist portrays Redbone to a tee.

Plenty of artists have redone and altered this song. Billie Holiday for example, being one of them.
Leon does it best. From 1978's Champagne Charlie:
MP3: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Leon Redbone (YSI)

from Leon's first album On The Track released in 1975:
MP3: Sweet Mama Hurry Home Or I'll Be Gone - Leon Redbone (YSI)


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Anonymous RICKYY said...

New arctics is sextastic
It's like sex with an underage g...

nevermind :)

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