22 April 2007

Long days at work..

..call for longs lists of music. I mean, ehhem, mewzick. Working at a clothing store means one definate thing, and one definate thing only: you hear the same horrible songs over, and over, and over, and. Here goes..

Firstly, I need not tell you about Paris' Teenage Bad Girl, but I will anyway. The electroclash duo released Cocotte the 16th via Citizen, packed with a balanced mix of tracks light and heavy- all worthy acclaim, and all worthy of talking about and playing. Over, and over, and over, and over.. a nice fusion of electro and guitar. I'm sure you recall the Hands of a Stranger EP that included Ghost House, it was rather nice. If you don't remember, it's no matter, because here's some new stuff. Get Cocotte @ Juno.

from Cocotte:
MP3: Franz Schubert - Teenage Bad Girl (YSI)
MP3: Du, meine Sonne - Teenage Bad Girl (YSI)

White Rabbits are a band i've recently taken an interest in. From Bushwick, NYC, they're certainly interesting.. and very good, which becomes obvious when you listen. I remember about a year ago I saw this broadway show entitled, "Avenue Q". The cast reviews them here. The cast are puppets. Weird. Anyway, their upcoming album Fort Nightly is to be released May 22nd on Say Hey Recordings. Get it when it comes out.

from the upcoming album, Fort Nightly:
MP3: Navy Wives - White Rabbits (YSI)
MP3: Take A Walk Around The Table - White Rabbits (YSI)

A whiiiile ago I posted a Curtis Vodka edit of Kid Sister's Damn Girl in one of my e-mixtapes. Look in the archives if you want that. Though, if you want Curtis Vodka's Ga Ga Remix of Kid Sister's Ying Yang, look no further than just a few lines down. Kid Sister (actual younger sister of Chicago's Flosstradamus) is defnitely getting there, assuming there is being internet popular and being one of the Next 1000 in URB. And no, I'm not posting a Curtis Vodka remix just because he's from Alaska, even though that is really cool.

MP3: Ying Yang (Curtis Vodka Ga Ga Remix) - Kid Sister (YSI)

Somethin' else:
MP3: Sound Of Silver (Curtis Vodka Remix) - LCD Soundsystem (YSI)

You know the The Horrors, of elaborate hairstyles fame, of dark eye makeup fame, of Stolen Transmission fame. If you don't know them, just pick up a copy of the NME and you'll be set, because obviously if The Horrors were popular a year ago, the NME are so on top of it right now. May I present you with a brand new Horrors remix from The Dirt Lab (who are also brand new, so new that they don't have a myspace yet). The Dirt Lab are New York's Spencer Product (Black Moustache, Ruff Club) and Jake Sinclair (The Films). Enjoy it, because as of now, you're practically the only ones who possess it.

MP3: Death At The Chapel (The Dirt Lab Remix) - The Horrors (YSI)

MP3: I Saw Yer Video - Black Moustache (YSI)

MP3: Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones Cover) - The Films (YSI)

Got this in the mail earlier today, really liking it. You might know Lorn, mentioned his Oizo remix a few posts down. New from him, new to my ears, and new to yours is this track. So, D.A.N.C.E. and feel the B.E.A.T. with Justice, and then afterward realize everything is just a:

MP3: T.R.E.N.D. - Lorn (YSI)

take care,

F you Laz, and your new awesome track that can be found on your myspace.


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Anonymous Gesa said...

hey, i've always wanted to tell you: great blog (but this post topped it all)! thanks especially for blitzkrieg bop.

11:32 AM


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