19 April 2007

Matthew, Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear has done well with his upcoming Deserter, out May 8th via Ghostly on 10" and digital format. The single will be released on an EP that also features the lovely track remixed by Four Tet. While normally I'd go on to explain the song thoroughly, I'm quite tired. Easygoing vocals combined with a surplus of keyboard use makes for success.. something like that. Reminds me of this man. Here it is:

MP3: Deserter (Four Tet Remix) - Matthew Dear

Sorry, had to be taken down. Get it @ Beatport when it's out.

Some mo' remixing: something new, something especially good, and perhaps my favorite version of this track.. Guns 'n' Bombs remix Chromeo's Fancy Footwork.

MP3: Fancy Footwork (Guns 'N' Bombs Remix)

had to take 'er down too.


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Blogger johnny said...

if you want permission to post my tunes you gotta go with me to disneyland

2:23 AM

Anonymous Danz said...

I told you. Yeah.

2:41 AM

Blogger johnny said...

cats outta the bag

12:39 AM


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