28 April 2007

pfffsh, schedules

Between stupid community service for school and work, I've found time to post..

Firstly and most importantly, Nick Drake's covers/early recordings album, Family Tree is due out in June. Just to express how excited I am, here are a few tracks from the album/man himself. Nick Drake and his lo-fi 60's aesthetics make the album perfect. Yes. It is a perfect. perfect. perfect, compilation album. The tracks with Molly Drake are amazing, though I didn't post those tracks. Molly Drake is Nick's mom.. in case you were wondering. Pick up the album when it comes out.

Taken from the upcoming Family Tree:
MP3: Cocaine Blues - Nick Drake (YSI)
MP3: Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Nick Drake (Bob Dylan) (YSI)
MP3: Blues Run The Game - Nick Drake (Jackson C. Frank) (YSI)

Speaking of the 60's, pick up this.

You'll like Wink, as Josh Wink is Wink. Poker Flat released Thick as Theives a few days ago. It's nice. The other track on the album, Acid Tonic is nicer, and surpasses Thick as Thieves in my opinion. But whatever.. name the 12" after the lesser track.. I don't care. Pick it up @ Juno.

MP3: Acid Tonic - Wink (YSI)

Whenever I think of Claude Vonstroke, I think of a huge blue bird. The intention of Beware of the Bird's album cover must've been to have that visual automatically pop-up every time you think of him. Though Claude's latest release, Chimps goes sans any birds, it's still absolutely awesome. (A monkey with grillz!? pffshh, obviously).. along with some awesome remixes- one by Jochen Trappe, one by Alland Byallo. The best part of all, is that the amazon can be heard on the orignal and on the remixes! Out via Dirty Bird. Get it @ Turntable Lab.

MP3: Chimps (Alland Byallo Remix) - Claude Vonstroke (YSI
MP3: Chimps (Original Mix) - Claude Vonstroke (YSI)


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Blogger Ricou said...

nick drake is timeless

2:10 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

Listen to "They're Leaving me Behind" from Nick Drake's new album Family Tree:

8:54 AM


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