01 April 2007

Shall We?

Get.. ehhem, physical? Yes we shall. Everyone is. To see what I mean, visit WESC.com. Olivia just got suddenly very appealing. Maybe everyone realized how nicely her purple tights and headband in the video now fit in with our present 80's retro phase - thus, making Olivia hip! The Black Ghosts bring Newton's 1982 hit ions of justice. Listen, and feel the burn.

MP3: Let's Get Physical - The Black Ghosts


Oh my, my, my. More Black Ghosts.
Right, so I just stumbled upon these remixes that came out today via Southern Fried- home to The Whip (who I promise to touch on later this week), Armand Van Helden, and Grandadbob (who I don't like very much at all). The two tracks are from the Any Way You Choose To Give It CDS. Both are really great. Labelmates, The Whip, give the track an abrasive formality that is, in fact, perfect; while the Boy-8-Bit Version is a little more bouncy, a little more pop, a little less gritty, and a little less perfect.. but still great.
Perhaps I'm too excited about the track(s).. although then again, I would be excited for just about anything because I'm on... wait for it.. Spring Break.

MP3: Any Way You Choose To Give It (The Whip Remix) - The Black Ghosts
MP3: Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy-8-Bit Version) - The Black Ghosts

Get the tracks @ Juno.


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