01 May 2007


When I read the name Polytechnic I thought I'd hear an electro outfit from France. Instead, I heard an awesome rock group from Manchester. They were a surprise for me.. My first listen was yesterday, actually. Within two seconds I knew I had to post them. Okay not two.. perhaps it took 4 minutes, the length of Rain Check. The vocals are awesome and wavering-somewhat similiar to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- but tolerable in the 'high pitched' sense; easy to like pop-rock. My favorite bands are the bands that make music just to make it, that present an image without meaning to present anything at all, simple seeming bands that aren't simple. They're the ones that surprise you most- and because they have, make you remember them more. They remind me of a mix between Tapes n' Tapes, and the 1990's, whom you also must check out soon before they get huger than huge, which they are going to get, just like Polytechnic. Polytechnic's debut Down Til Dawn is amazing to say the least, with harder tracks leading up to softer gorgeous tracks like Polling Card and Running Out Of Ideas. Get it here.

from the debut, released today actually, Down Til Dawn:
MP3: Rain Check - Polytechnic (YSI)
MP3: Still Spinning - Polytechnic (YSI)

A while back on one of the mixtapes, I posted Mr. Ice Cream Introduces- F ing awesome electro/new wave song by a group called Soft Tigers. Their myspace describes them as 'other'.. which in my opinion, is a perfect description. They just came out with Maria, and Maria remixed by the Bumblebeez on 7". They've also got a CD coming out soon, which I'm rather excited for. I ordered the cassette version of the album Gospel Ambitions (which you can get here) via snail mail a while ago. It's great- I wish all bands would release at least one album solely this way. But sadly they don't, and sadly I'm sans a tape deck, therefore transferring the tracks to the ol' laptop would have been an impossible task. Thankfully the band sent me Karate. What's more, they've also informed me that the Karate video is in making. I won't give it away but I'll be vague and say that it's got jamaican black belts..

a demo from the Gospel Ambitions cassette:
MP3: Karate - Soft Tigers (YSI)

Because I've been listening to a lot of 60's pshycadelia lately, here are british band, The Move. (three members including Jeff Lynne later formed ELO) Though not very big in America, The Move were highly acclaimed as one of the best live acts in the UK at that time. What's weird, is that ELO was recieved highly in America before Britian, cleary opposite their former.

From the 1968 debut, Move:
MP3: Walk Upon the Water - The Move (YSI)
MP3: Cherry Blossom Clinic - The Move (YSI)


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