04 May 2007

hey my hey my my hey my what

So, wondering what French folk would sound like? Perhaps it would sound like Hey Hey My My (no, no, not the Neil Young song). Perhaps duo Hey Hey My My are more than simply French folk though, perhaps they are French folk rock. I'd go as far as to describe them as Blonde Redhead meets Nick Drake on antidepressants. Their songs aren't deep, they don't necessarily 'grab' you as a folk song probably should; but they are good- giddy, think Belle & Sebastian around the Tigermilk era. A gratifying album for someone who is in a specific search for something new and decent and French and folky. Get it here.

MP3: A True Story - Hey Hey My My (YSI)
MP3: Morricone - Hey Hey My My (YSI)

This song is dedicated to my neighbors who won't turn their bright lights off at night, and also cause me minor but bearable insomnia. Please, someone:

MP3: Kill Our City - Dirty On Purpose (YSI)
Hallelujah Sirens



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