19 May 2007

The shortest post in the history of posts

So, I have to leave for work in like 3 minutes. New New Young Pony Club. Too bad I don't have any more room on my iPod.. I could have jammed to their upcoming album on the way to work... 30 gig piece of.. Anyway, Fantastic Playroom is brilliant. Disco that is nice disco, fancy disco, lavish pop disco. It's out on prismatic record label Modular June 18th.

from upcoming Fantastic Playroom:
MP3: Grey - New Young Pony Club (YSI)
MP3: Talking Talking - New Young Pony Club (YSI)




Anonymous Anonymous said...

enjoying it. howd you get these already?

3:26 PM

Anonymous Carina said...

I <3 nypc

6:00 AM


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