03 May 2007


Let me tell you about The Tellers. The Tellers are two boys from Brussels who make nice acoustic indie music. If you're a fan of The Kooks, you'll probably take to them.. catchy tunes, gorgeous vocals, easy lyrics. Libertines-esque, but much more twee. Get their S/T EP here.

MP3: This World - The Tellers (YSI)
MP3: Girls Of Russia - The Tellers (YSI)

Video: Hustler - SMD

A bit of good news.. Simian Mobile Disco's debut, Attack Decay Sustain Release is almost out (June 8th) on Wichita. I think that's my favorite record label. No, it is my favorite record label.. current anyway. Same as PB&J, CYHSY, etc. The album is pretty awesome, as you'd suspect. It has the singles famiar already (Hot Dog, Tits & Acid, I Believe, Hustler) plus some others unfamiliar, including Love (track below). The vocalist on Love sounds almost exactly like Clor vocalist Barry Dobbin.. that high pitched eccentric voice, though I can't say for certain, I could be completely wrong- let me know, if you know..

from the forthcoming album:
MP3: Love - Simian Mobile Disco
MP3: Scott - Simian Mobile Disco

taken down at label's request. BUY THE ALBUM!

Pic courtesy of my crap phone.. haha, it's so pathetic looking. Saw The Cribs last night @ Mercury.. they were F ing great. Surprising me was support, The Jealous Girlfriends. Smokey vocals, interesting songs.. check them out if you've got a minute.

Also. If you live in NYC and would like to dance about, check out Extended Play this Sunday, spinning dance rock, new wave, 80s, pop, electro, and hip hop. Go. Do it:

Now, a report on gun control vs gun rights.. and then sleep. So..

MP3: Goodnight - Roy Orbison (YSI)


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