05 May 2007

Your talent scouts my lonely face.

I think this will be the year of The Cribs. This is their third album. Alex Kapranos (Franz) produced it. It's a bit different. As their albums progress, you can hear their sound progress. It's interesting to listen to the 2005 S/T album, then The New Fellas, then their newest, Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever which is officially out in May . The album begins with Our Bovine Public and ends with Shoot the Poets, an incredibly soft acoustic number. Think Haunted. GET IT @ HMV or Amazon and pre-order the special edition here. F'n A. Take a listen as to what I stumbled upon this morning..

From the forthcoming remarkably good album, Mens Need's, Women's, Whatever:
MP3: I'm A Realist - The Cribs
MP3: Moving Pictures - The Cribs

re-upped them.

off to real work.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm actually listening to this album right now hands down fucking amazing! god bless the jarmans huh!

2:39 PM

Blogger Dave said...

yeah i'm loving what i've heard of it. Very good stuff.

7:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

repost it please :)

8:44 PM

Anonymous danz said...

I will. can't figure who deleted the links.

9:09 PM

Blogger Greg said...

Looks cool. Thanks, as always.

7:23 PM

Anonymous danz said...

down again. given up.

11:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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