06 June 2007

I like ze vhite stripes

Have got this MP3 vinyl rip from The White Stripe's exclusive NME 7" release, Rag and Bone. Fantastic verses/fantastic guitar. Songs like Rag and Bone make me feel like learning how to play the admirable instrument. At least there's always.. well.. at least there's always guitar hero. It's easily become one of my favorite White Stripes songs.. maybe. Icky Thump seems extra promising as of now.. Pre-order @ Insound.

MP3: Rag and Bone - The White Stripes (YSI)

"Look at my Technics turnables to Gramaphones.."




Anonymous Anonymous said...

gracias, danke

4:25 PM

Blogger Joey said...

Jack White is a real character. But Rag and Bone is amazing. Thank Buddha.

7:01 PM


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