21 June 2007

Still, a broken computer/Sportsday Megaphone

S'been a week or so since the tragedy. My laptop is still broken.. I called apple care since the genius bar deemed useless, presently waiting for repair cds in the mail. I might have to send it in to apple if the repair cds don't resolve my dilemma. I've been enjoying the extra time spent away from my computer though. For instance, now, I go jogging as oppose to sitting around staring at my blog that no one really... well, reads. I can't post any MP3s. I can however, post this M4A that I was sent via G-mail. Hope you enjoy it, a pleasing remix of The Rumble Strips' Alarm Clock. Hugh Frost of Sportsday Megaphone has given me hope and purpose, even with a broken laptop. Think Crystal Castles mixed with We Smoke Fags mixed with a nintendo game-preferably Mario Cart mixed with Matt and Kim mixed with computerized keyboard snipets. something like that. Order SM's upcoming 7" @ Sunday Best.

MP3: Alarm Clock (Sportsday Megaphone's Stereo Adventure Remix) - The Rumblestrips (YSI)




Blogger ekozh said...

your blog's on my bookmarks if that changes your opinion about what you wrote :p

12:53 PM

Blogger carina said...

I always read your blog. I love it. And thanks, We Smoke Fags are great.

2:43 AM

Anonymous sarah said...

poor you. my computer was broken for 2 weeks. finally i got it back. pew. but isn't it ridiculous, that you can miss a pc?
what kind of youth are we?

chin up young lady.

2:26 PM

Blogger Aidan said...

I love this track! This is one of the only tracks this year that has made me just want to listen over and over again, it's so good for getting hyped up. Nice personifying lyrics too.



1:44 AM

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